Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island: Gulfside City Park

This park features beach access, a nice picnic area, a nature trail, and an old cemetery.
Any pets in Gulfside Park or on Sanibel beaches must be leashed, and you must clean up after them.
Sanibel Gulfside Park picnic tables
Sanibel Gulfside Park boardwalk to the beach
Getting there:
From Middle Gulf Drive, watch for the trail heading into a wooded area, which is 0.2 mile from Casa Ybel and 1.1 mile from Fulgur. Follow this path past the cemetery until it meets a paved road, at which point you take a left to the parking lot.
From Casa Ybel, watch for the Gulfside Park sign at Algiers. Follow the path south on Algiers. When the path splits from the road and heads into a wooded area, stay on the path for the cemetery and nature trail, or stay on the road for beach access.
Gulfside City Park
Sanibel Island Trails
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