Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island: Sanibel-Captiva Road<

The longest east-west street on the island, San-Cap takes you past Ding Darling National Wildlife Reservation and to Captiva Island.  The bike path ends about 1/10 mile before Blind Pass, but it's OK to continue on the road.  Mile markers along the road make it easy to tell how far you've gone.
For San-Cap, we thought it would be more helpful to provide the mileage of various landmarks, based on the mile marker system along the road. Since Blind Pass is at mile 7, this indicates that San-Cap is 7 miles long.
Mile 1.0
Mile 2.0
Ding Darling NWR eastern entrance
Mile 3.1
Low overhead tree, gazebo and water
Mile 5.1
Wulfurt Rd (exit from Ding Darling NWR drive)
Mile 7.0
Blind Pass (bridge to Captiva)
From San-Cap Road you can easily reach: