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Dangerous Activity

Sanibel / Captiva is a far safer place to cycle, run, or hike than most other towns or cities.  But there are inherent dangers in these activities, and persons must undertake these activities with the proper attitude toward safety.  In particular, the following features of the Sanibel bike trails could be dangerous:
  • The trails cross streets, where vehicles travel in excess of 35 miles per hour.  Vehicles traveling at high speeds may approach more quickly than expected.
  • Swimming in the ocean can be dangerous due to ocean currents, marine animals, and the possibility of drowning.
  • Alligators reside on the islands and can be dangerous to humans.
A lack of proper attitude toward safety while using the trails and beaches could result in injury or death.  Extra care must be taken when traveling with children, particularly around the hazards listed above.

Cycling, running, and hiking are physical activities requiring exertion.  The strain of exercise may be intensified by Sanibel's hot, humid weather.  Do not attempt to use the trail if you are not in adequate physical condition.

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