Sanibel Island

Captiva Island Florida Beach Access

Rocky point at Turner Beach, Captiva Island Florida
There are no bike trails on Captiva, but cyclists are free to use the roads.  If you follow the main road, it will take you from one end of Captiva to the other. 
There's beach access at both ends of the island.  The distance is 4.8 miles, from Blind Pass at the southern end of the island to the public parking lot at the northern end.  Beaches can be found at either end.  Captiva sand seems a bit less powdery that Sanibel sand. 
Turner Beach and Blind Pass
A favorite spot for watching sunsets, Turner Beach is located at the southwestern tip of Captiva, just after crossing Blind Pass from Sanibel Island.
Blind Pass no longer separates the two islands; the beach actually continues uninterrupted from the southern end of Captiva to Sanibel.
Northern Captiva Beach Access
Cars: there are only a few parking spots here, charged at an hourly rate.  Restroom facilities are provided by portable toilets (i.e. port-a-potties).
Andy Rosse Lane
You'll also find nice beach access at the western end of Andy Rosse Lane, but no public car parking.  It makes for a nice place to take a walk after dinner at the Mucky Duck.
Pets are not allowed on Captiva beaches.
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