Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island Causeway

The trip from Fort Myers to Sanibel involves three bridges (which were rebuilt in 2007) connected by small manmade islands.  Once you reach the end of the Causeway bridge, and are on the island, you'll be on Causeway Road until you get to Periwinkle Way. The Visitors' Center is on this street.  After Periwinkle, the road continues as Lindgren Blvd.
Cyclists staying in Fort Myers may prefer to ride the Causeway bridges rather than pay Sanibel's parking rates.  Bikes are definitely allowed on the bridges.
There is a bridge toll to Sanibel for motor vehicles. Bicycles are free. There is no toll when leaving the island.  For more information on the bridge and tolls, visit Lee County's LeeWay website.
Some distances, in miles:
From Ft Myers Outlet Stores to the tollbooth (start of Causeway)
Total Causeway, from Ft Myers tollbooth to Sanibel
First bridge (closest to Fort Myers)
Second bridge
Third bridge (ends at Sanibel)
Causeway Bridge to Visitors' Center
Causeway Bridge to Periwinkle
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