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Sanibel Island Weather

Below you'll find current conditions, Sanibel's monthly temperature and rainfall averages, and more.

Current Conditions

Temperatures (average range F)

January 53-74
February 54-75
March 58-79
April 62-84
May 67-88
June 73-90
July 74-91
August 74-90
September 74-89
October 68-84
November 60-80
December 55-75

Rainfall (inches per month)

January 1.8
February 2.2
March 3.1
April 1.1
May 3.9
June 9.5
July 8.3
August 9.7
September 7.8
October 2.9
November 1.6
December 1.5

Sanibel Water Temperatures

Water tempertures can vary greatly by location, and by weather factors such as cloudiness and wind.  Here are some rough approximations of surface water temperatures, in degrees Fahrenheit:
January Mid 60's
February Mid to upper 60's
March Upper 60's to low 70's
April Mid 70's
May Upper 70's to low 80's
June Low to mid 80's
July Mid to upper 80's
August Mid to upper 80's
September Mid 80's
October Low 80's
November Upper 70's
December Upper 60's to low 70's
Sanibel hurricane evacuation route


Hurricanes are rare, but Sanibel does seem to get hit every twenty years or so.  Hurricane Charlie tore through the islands in August 2004.  Tropical storm and hurricane season runs roughly from July through October.

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