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Sanibel Bike Trails Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any hills?

No, the islands are flat, flat, flat.  The only place you'll find anything close to a hill is if you bike the causeway - riding up the bridges will give you a good hill workout.
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Can I cycle on the causeway to Fort Myers?

Yes, but the shoulders are narrow to non-existant, so be prepared to "take the lane".  The speed limit for cars is 30 MPH.  Pedestrians are not allowed on the causeway roads.  Here are more details about the causeway.
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I'd like to ride on the trails but don't have a bike with me.  Can I rent a bike?

Absolutely - there are several bike rental businesses on Sanibel and Captiva, and many hotels and rentals offer bikes for their guests to use (sometimes for a small fee).  We have compiled a list of Sanibel bike rentals, and Sanibel hotels offering bikes for their guests.
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What should I bring on my bike ride, hike, or run?

Depending on whether you're on foot or on bike, your ability to carry things may vary.  Here's what we generally pack for bike rides.
  • Water - this is Florida, and it can get hot.  But even on cool days, you need to stay hydrated - when exercising, drink before you get thirsty.
  • Swimsuit - what could be more refreshing than a dip in the Gulf, after a nice bike ride or run!
  • Camera - be on the lookout for interesting wildlife, beautiful flowers, or scenic ocean vistas.
  • Cash - you may decide to drop by for a visit at one of the island's many attractions, or just pick up a drink or bite to eat somewhere.
  • Rain jacket - check the weather forecast if you plan to be out for a while.
  • Sunscreen - again, this is Florida.

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Can I ride my bike on the beach?

No, it's against the law, and in fact the rental agencies and most hotels that offer bikes will hit you with a fine if you do ride on the beach. It's just as well - the sand would be very difficult to ride on, and sand does terrible things to chains and other bike components. 
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Are the trails wheelchair-accessible?

Yes, they are essentially wide asphalt sidewalks, and are just as accessible as a typical sidewalk.  If you come across a bad curb or other barrier to handicap access, let us know.
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Are pets allowed on the beaches?

On Sanibel, pets are allowed on beaches but must be on leashes.  And you must clean up after them (but you are already courteous enough to do that anyway, right?).  On Captiva, pets are not allowed on the beaches.
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Should I be concerned about alligators?

There are alligators on the island, and they can be dangerous.  However, they prefer to stay in the water - sidewalks or bike paths are a very unnatural location for them.  If you do happen to see an alligator, stay away from it.  And don't feed an alligator - feeding them makes them more dangerous to humans, not to mention that it's illegal.
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I spotted an error on the website. How can I report it?

We appreciate your help in keeping the site 100% accurate (so do future visitors to the site!).   Please contact us with details of the error, and we'll fix it right away.

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